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Whatever your stage of life,
it is important to plan for your future

Pension Planning

Although private pensions have taken a bit of a battering in the last few years, they are still an extremely easy, tax-efficient way to build up a retirement nest egg. The biggest benefits of a pension include a tax-free cash lump sum of 25% of your fund upon retirement and a regular steady income derived from buying an annuity with the remaining 75%.

Planning for your retirement is possibly the most important financial decision you will ever make. With life expectancy increasing year on year, we are now seeing the potential to spend almost as many years enjoying retirement as we have spent saving for it. Planning for it correctly will provide you with the standard of living you wish after you stop work.

1st Financial Foundations work with you to consider all the options, based on your needs and risk appetite. We are Pension Transfer Specialists and as part of the financial planning process, it is our job to blend the savings vehicles that will yield the most efficient income in retirement.

Forward planning for your retirement can mean having the reassurance of financial security in later years, rather than the worry of wondering how you will cope. A comfortable lifestyle in retirement is something to which we all aspire, and increasing longevity means that we all need to make extra provision for that retirement.

We are Pension Transfer Specialists at 1st Financial Foundations. If you are in two minds about the benefits of a Pension Transfer contact Yash to book your free review. He will guide you through the process and reasons to consider transferring:

  • Inheritance Tax Benefit
  • Add to Pension Value
  • Take an Early Cash Sum
  • Save Tax
  • Get Complete Flexibility
  • Remove the ‘Life Expectancy Gamble’

Retirement Planning

We all dream of the perfect retirement – spending our days doing whatever we wish, whether it's taking up new pastimes, spending more time with the family or going travelling.

No one wants to spend their future years worrying about their finances and being unable to do things they enjoy, which is why it's important that you're financially prepared. However, preparing for retirement doesn't happen overnight. It involves much time and consideration, and the decisions you make can have a significant impact on how you live your retired years.

If you're anxious about doing this alone, 1st Financial Foundations can offer a retirement planning service where we can help put together a realistic plan for you. Not only will this take the weight off your shoulders, but you may also have a greater chance of achieving your objectives and fulfilling a comfortable lifestyle in retirement.

Your wealth creation plan should come into its own once you’ve retired and allow you to enjoy a similar standard of living as you had when you were working. Pensions and investments will form the bulk of the retirement section of your plan, and the earlier in life you start to benefit from tax-free savings and compound interest, the better. In fact, putting off saving for your retirement until your mid-thirties could end up halving the final amount in your retirement pot!

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