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Our Approach

1st Financial Foundations Independent Financial Advisers recognise that all of our clients have unique financial needs and objectives.

Because we’re independent, we have access to a greater number of wealth creation solutions, and we’ll explain how you could:

  • Use what you have already more effectively
  • Grow and protect the wealth you need for your future goals
  • Release the flow of your wealth to build further wealth
  • Make provision to ensure that you never run out of money
  • Use your wealth to enjoy the life you want and have planned for

Wealth creation process

There are six stages to 1st Financial Foundations wealth creation process, each of which is separately costed based on the advice we provide, although we offer the initial complimentary consultation without any charge or fee.

1st Financial Foundations six stages wealth creation process:

1. Your initial consultation

The initial consultation will comprise of:

  • An initial meeting with one of our qualified independent financial advisers
  • An opportunity to ask questions and understand what we do
  • The opportunity for us to establish what your financial needs are
  • Discussing our service propositions and fees involved

2. Financial review and your objectives

We will carry out an extensive assessment of your financial circumstances at the outset to establish your financial planning requirements.

This will include:

  • Understanding your personal financial situation by gathering information about your existing arrangements and full personal circumstances
  • The determination of a customer’s capacity for loss is an important part of the overall attitude to investment risk assessment
  • Making recommendations that match your profile
  • Analysing and creating your custom wealth strategy
  • Presenting you with our recommendations

Our charge for Client Onboarding is a fixed fee of £500, a suitability report will be provided containing our recommendations to you.

When we provide you with our suitability report, it will be your decision as to whether you implement our recommendations either in their entirety or in part. Total transparency showing our charges and fees structure for implementing our recommendations are included in our Key Facts about our services and costs document which you will be in receipt of at this stage of the wealth process.

3. Analysing your present circumstances

Next we will evaluate your current financial status and explore the possibilities. We use lifetime cash flow analysis to help you to make decisions about your future.

We will request your authority to gather information about your existing investment, pension and protection arrangements. This will enable us to comprehensively analyse your overall position before advising on our recommended solutions.

Our independent advisers take the time to understand you and your financial needs and goals, and, together, we can build a plan to help answer your questions.

4. Recommending your potential solutions

The arranging and setting up of our plan recommendation includes where appropriate:

  • Handling of all fund and policy administration on your behalf
  • Regularly updating you to keep you informed of progress
  • Ensuring all your documents are issued in line with your expectations
  • Written confirmation of all actions taken on your behalf

Our charges and fees for this stage of the service are covered in detail within our Key Facts document and client agreement, and this should be read in conjunction with this document. These are included in our Key Facts about our services and costs document which you will be in receipt of.

5. Agreeing your strategy

Once you have agreed to our recommendations, we’ll develop a strategy to help ensure that our advice and recommendations achieve your aspirations, needs, aims and objectives as prioritised.

We will use internal and external technical research to review the whole of market and provide you with personal recommendations to implement your strategy. Our recommendations will be set out in a report to you, which clearly demonstrates the rational and why this is a suitable course of action. The report will set what, why, how and when and detail the costs, charges, any tax implications or other options considered so you can make an informed decision as to how to proceed, which can be discussed and agreed.

6. Ongoing service and financial reviews

Your financial and personal objectives may change over time due to changes in your lifestyle or circumstances. We believe it is essential to ensure that the wealth creation plans we recommend continue to meet your lifestyle and objectives.

We will meet with you at agreed time intervals to monitor the progress and adjust your wealth creation plans, taking into account any change in your needs or circumstances. Our relationships are reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure that you receive the best level of service and most appropriate solution at all times.

Our ongoing review service offers:

  • Structured reviews
  • Assessment of your current circumstances and any changes to your wealth creation plans that are needed
  • Regular updates and information regarding your investments
  • A choice of differing levels of support depending on your needs
  • Ongoing support with correspondence and administration issues

One of the major features of the unique two-way back office and platform integration is that clients are given their “own website” with the ability to review and update personal details such as fact find as well as reviewing their investments online to enable you to monitor performance on a regular basis.

Service that best suits your requirements

We recognise that all clients do not have the same service requirements, therefore, even though we do provide a guideline by way of our different propositions, you are free to choose the level of service that best suits your requirements. Our charges and fees are guaranteed not to increase within the first 12 months of your contract with us. Should we need to increase our charges and fees after this period, you will be given notice of this fact and the opportunity to decide whether to continue with the revised level of charges. It is not compulsory for you to sign up to one of our services, and we do offer a transactional-only service if you require this.

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