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mentors for your money and your life

mentors for your money and your life

Case Study:
Financial Planning


Sarah was working for The White Company as the Brand Director. 1st Financial Foundations Independent Financial Advisers were advisers setting up a group pension scheme for The White Company.

Upon meeting Sarah, it was clear that she was busy and enjoyed her work. She was very much focused in a demanding role and wanted help in sorting out her finances, with a view to making her money work for her. At the time of meeting Sarah, her company had provided her with accommodation, and she was simply enjoying life.

What happened next

We arranged a meeting with Sarah and her partner Rich to understand what 1st Financial Foundations Independent Financial Advisers could do for them.

At the meeting, we discussed their current circumstances, their personal and financial goals, and their overall objectives. More often than not, we find during an initial meeting that people do not have a clear idea of what they are trying to achieve or what their real goals are. It is easy to have a dream and live in the hope that one day you will get there – and there is nothing at all wrong with that – but if you continue to do the same things and expect different results, then you are leaving it to chance or luck.

The first prescription was for Sarah and Rich to join our RDPD club (Rich Dad Poor Dad). We work very much with RDPD thinking, helping teach our clients Financial Education.

Following a few more meetings with Sarah and Rich, we ultimately established that their real goal was to get out of the Rat Race – which, in principal, really is everyone’s ultimate goal.

I explained to them the 1st Financial Foundations Independent Financial Advisers’ Philosophy:

  • Use what you have
  • Grow what you need
  • Release the flow of wealth
  • Never run out of money
  • Enjoy the life

The process:

  • 1) Fact find and goals
  • 2) Build a strong foundation – safe and secure planning
  • 3) Build Assets to provide investment income
  • 4) Review

The outcome:

They now enjoy strong-Asset backed investments in properties, providing cash flow and allowing Sarah and Rich to enjoy capital appreciation, a tax-efficient pension and ISA pots.

They a re now travelling the world and enjoying their life. With their capital-backed investments, the cash cow is dispensing enough cash to live a comfortable life and they are sensible with their money.

We have become very good friends and have ventured into development projects, as it is always nice to have a challenge – but the most important factor is to understand the risk at all times.

I have learnt a lot from my experiences with clients. From time to time we all make mistakes, but through the experiences that we share, we always help our clients to avoid making those common mistakes.

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