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Junior ISAs

Junior ISAs

Why a Junior ISA

Fund the cost of university or simply give your child a financial head start
 Same tax benefits as a standard Cash ISA or Stocks & Shares ISA
Anyone can contribute (parent, grandparents, extended family and friends)
Open a Junior ISA with an initial investment of just £50

How financially fit are you?

Get Financially Fit

5 things to consider for financial fitness

We all have our ideas about being fit? For some people it means never missing their early morning walk. Others might go for a run, cycle or eat healthy. Fitness is very personal. You don’t need to be able to run a marathon to be fit. It’s about what your personal goals and desires are.

Just like physical fitness, being fit financially has many areas. The good news is that just like getting into shape you can assess your financial fitness and take actions to improve it. And if you keep your goals in mind as you earn and spend your money, you can achieve a high degree of financial health over the long run. So the question is, how fit are your finances? And how can you measure it?

Investment – 7 simple steps

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7 simple steps to guide you and keep your nerve when the markets start to give you the jitters 

1. Remember what you invested for initially.

The biggest reason to invest is to get a better return than you would get from leaving your money in the building society or worse still spend it!

You most likely also invested for the long term. Over the last 20 years the FTSE All-Share index rose by 361% or 7.94% a year. But here’s the really interesting part. If you lost your nerve and pulled out and only missed the best 20 days, your gain would only be 60.8% or 2.4% a year.

Although this is past performance and cannot be relied on to predict the future, it is an indication of what the stock markets can do.