Retirement Survival Kit


When your work colleague retires, make them a retirement survival kit, contents include…

  • Balloon – to start the celebration with a BANG!
  • Gold leaf – because your worth your weight in gold.
  • Love heart candy – to remind you to follow your heart
  • A marker – retirement Marks the beginning of a new journey
  • Map of the world – because you invested wisely you can now enjoy travelling the world
  • Elastic band – try to stay flexible in your retirement
  • Candy watch – no rushing around anymore, enjoy at your leisure
  • Marble – to help replace the ones you’ve lost at work
  • Tea bag – retirement is just one long tea break
  • Seeds – for all the seeds of knowledge you have sewn
  • Starburst – for a burst of energy when you need it
  • Straw – have a drink & let your hair down
  • Candle – so your future looks bright
  • Toothpick – to pick out all the best in every day
  • Business card of a good Pension transfer specialist – if not already have an IFA
  • Confetti – it’s time to celebrate your retirement.

What else would you put in a retirement survival kit, email us your ideas