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5 things you should be doing different in 2018

Do something different

Here are 5 things successful people gave up a long time ago:

1. Short-Termism

Successful people know that for their goals to manifest, it takes time and they must be focussed over the long term.

They also realise it is their daily HABITS that incrementally create the results they want. This is how they build their health, fitness, relationships, confidence and competence in any skill they wish to master.

2. The Need To Be Validated By Other People

Successful people do what is right and not what is popular or easy. Far too many people don’t live the lives they want to because they fear other people will disapprove, judge or reject them. As a result, they subtly begin to shrink down to fit in.

Successful people ARE very often judged initially for their ideas, beliefs and actions, but they recognise this goes with the territory and they become even more determined to prove themselves right.