Topic: Kids and Money

Junior ISAs

Junior ISAs

Why a Junior ISA

Fund the cost of university or simply give your child a financial head start
 Same tax benefits as a standard Cash ISA or Stocks & Shares ISA
Anyone can contribute (parent, grandparents, extended family and friends)
Open a Junior ISA with an initial investment of just £50

Mindful Wealth, Kids and Money

Mindful money

Mindful wealth! What a fascinating concept and phrase.

We believe establishing the right “mindset” and “habits” are crucial to kids, families and their futures.

Did you know adult money habits are formed by age 7 – University of Cambridge

Important concepts that underpin many money skills, such as: waiting whilst saving to afford something they want; understanding the concept of ‘future’; dealing with delayed gratification; avoiding impulsive, irreversible decisions. Basic approaches and skills can be modelled, discussed and demonstrated by parents with young children, such as the basic benefits and tools of sharing, saving, and purchasing that will instil efficient habits and practices.

A key point here is that situations need to be constructed so that the child experiences the process or idea rather than just being told about it.